Notification about the changed organisation of the Student Health Centre of the University of Ljubljana


In light of the developing epidemiological situation there are going to be some changes in the way we organise our work.

  1. Entry is only possible at our main entrance and under the supervision of a medical professional. Entry is ONLY allowed to patients that have an appointment and do not have cold-like symptoms and have not been in contact with persons that have confirmed COVID sickness. This should be noted on the form that was prepared by the Ministry of health and should be printed link, filled out and signed when you visit us. If you do not have access to a printer you may fill out the form before you enter. By filling out false information you endanger both yourself and others!
  2. When you enter, please disinfect you hands, put on you mask (that must remain on for the duration of your visit) and hand in the filled form.
  3. When on our premises it is necessary to maintain a personal safety distance of 1,5m.
  4. Please strictly adhere to your appointment time and don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before it.
  5. If at all possible please visit us alone and if not come with only one extra person.
  6. In an emergency call 112 immediately.

In light of the epidemiological situation caution is especially important as is the use of protective equipment and adherence to all safety measures. We also ask for your patience, understanding and rational use of medical services.



  1. All patients with cold-like symptoms must call a general practitioner to coordinate further treatment.
  2. A check up is only possible with a consultation and appointment that is made beforehand (by phone or e-mail). A doctor will determine a further course of action and treatment. Patients are scheduled every 15 minutes. One appointment will cover one medical issue. Making appointments online is not possible until further notice.
  3. All administrative services (issue of prescriptions for chronic therapy, referrals, purchase orders for medical devices, sick leave, …) are done by phone or e-mail.
  4. Referrals for specialist check-ups are not needed and are renewed by the specialist if needed.
  5. Our on-campus office is closed until further notice. Doctor Olga Lonec Pogačar, dr. med. spec. is working at our main building on Aškerčeva 4.
  6. On Fridays we are open only in the morning office hours.



  1. Dental offices are open from 18.5.2020. On the same day it will also be possible to make an appointment. Patients that have been seen to at one of the entry points or have already had an appointment made will be prioritised. If you are not called by the end of the month please contact you chosen dentist.
  2. Treatment is only possible with an appointment (made by phone or e-mail).
  3. Patients that are or could be infected will be treated at one of the entry points after a consultation with your dentist.



  1. Only enter the medical centre if you have an appointment. Please adhere to your assigned time.
  2. Making an appointment is possible by phone or e-mail.



Patients can only give blood/urine with the prior direction of a doctor. Please adhere to your assigned time.



Most check-ups are going to be done by phone or video conference. In person visits are only allowed with prior approval by phone. Prescriptions and referral are done by phone or e-mail.



  1. Both our offices will be operational by 25.5.2020. Appointments must be made beforehand.
  2. Clinical check-ups will be done in person with an appointment. Advisory and psychotherapy treatments are being done by phone or video conference until further notice.






2.3.2020 – Emergency announcement!

If you believe you may have contracted, or show signs, of coronavirus DO NOT ENTER THE BUILDING, TRY TO AVOID CONTACT WITH OTHER PEOPLE AND CALL THE OFFICE OF ONE OF OUR GENERAL PRACTITIONERS, where you can be given additional information and receive directions about further steps.

Signs of infection may include body temperature over 38 °C, coughing, respiratory distress, …

By following these instructions you will do your part to help contain the spread of the virus among our patients and staff.

Thank you for your understanding!


25.3.2020  – Emergency announcement!

Dear students!

We are introducing a few changes, for the purposes of limiting the spread of coronavirus and minimizing the risk of infection for both patients and staff, that are going into effect on 16.3.2020.

These changes are as follows:

  1. You may enter only through the main entrance way and under the supervision of our medical staff. You will only be allowed to enter if you have made an appointment beforehand and have passed our triage process.
  2. It is mandatory to make an appointment by phone before visiting the offices of our general practitioners (making appointments over our website is not allowed until further notice). We ask that you contact us only in emergencies (by phone or e-mail). All non severe issues will be seen to after the present situation is improved.
  3. Our preventative medical services are suspended until further notice (these include health checks, vaccinations, …).
  4. We are stopping regular work in our dentist offices. Patients with dental emergencies can reach us at (+381) 01/ 200 74 40 (Monday – Friday) and (+386) 01/ 300 96 68 (Saturday – Sunday and holidays). Emergency dental procedures are being performed in selected offices of  Health center Ljubljana.
  5. Gynecologists offices can be reached during morning office hours (between 7:00 and 13:00, by phone or by e-mail). We are currently only performing emergency services for otherwise healthy individuals and preventative examinations for pregnant women. PATIENTS WILL ONLY BE SEEN WITH AN ADVANCE APPOINTMENT (MADE BY PHONE OR E-MAIL). Patients with severe gynecology or pregnancy issues must call the EMERGENCY NUMBER: 01/ 522 93 93
  6. Psychotherapy group meetings are cancelled until further notice.
  7. Our on-campus health office is closed and Dr. Olga Lonec Pogačar is working in our main building on Aškerčeva cesta 4.
  8. We are open from 7:00 to 14:00 on Fridays until further notice.

We would like to thank you for your help and understanding in the present situation and we ask that you keep up to date with news and instructions that will be regularly posted on our website:


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