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MD, psychiatrist spec.


Nadja Kužnik Šušteršič



+386 1 200 74 11


Svetčeva ulica 9, 1000 Ljubljana, Rožna dolina - blok VIII

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Opening hours

Monday : 13.00 - 20.00
Tuesday : 7.00 - 13.30
Wednesday : 12.30 - 18.30
Thursday : 7.00 - 13.30
Friday : 7.00 - 13.30


Every time you go to ZDŠ, you have to make an appointment:

  • by email (international@zdstudenti.si).

When making an appointment by email, please copy and fill in the table that you can find here.

Psychiatrists provide treatment for various mental illnesses and mental health conditions. For example, psychiatrists provide treatment for: depression and mood disorders, anxiety, schizophrenia, personality disorders, eating disorders, sexual disorders, addiction and abuse.

Psychiatrists use the method of the psychiatric interview in order to reach a diagnosis and to monitor the patient’s treatment and progress. Psychiatrists can prescribe psychiatric medications for the treatment of their patients. In contrast, clinical psychologists cannot prescribe medications.

In case of emergency (outside working hours), please contact:

  • Emergency Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic (Urgentna psihiatrična ambulanta), 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., Njegoševa 4 (Polyclinic, Center for Outpatient Psychiatry / Poliklinika, Center za izvenbolnišnično psihiatrijo, tel. +386 1 475 06 70). The purpose of the Emergency Psychiatric Outpatient Clinic is to quickly assess the mental state, initial counseling and introduction of medicines, or adjusting the medicines if those already prescribed by a doctor, referral to additional diagnostic procedures if necessary, and referring the patient to further treatment (outpatient physician, specialist psychiatrist or specialist non-psychiatric or hospital treatment).
  • Crisis Intervention Unit (Enota za krizne intervencije), emergency service outside working hours, Grablovičeva 44b (Mental Health Center / Center za mentalno zdravje, tel. +386 1 587 49 00)
  • Center for Clinical Psychiatry (Center za klinično psihiatrijo), Studenec 48 (Psychiatric Clinic / Psihiatrična klinika, Doctor on duty, tel. +386 1 587 21 12)
  • If you are experiencing difficulties or having suicidal thoughts during nighttime (19:00–7:00), you can call +386 1 520 99 00.


Medication prescribed by your psychiatrist should be picked up at the pharmacy within 30 days. After 30 days the prescription will expire.